How can I access my profile in is beginner’s friendly website; you can directly access your profile after visiting the website, then simply register with your personal details and then login with your respected credentials.

Who can view my profile on

In there are many options for privacy settings, you can change the setting according to your likes and dislikes. There is no hardbound rule on privacy settings for profiles.

Is this website safe to use is the safest matrimonial site. The website is 100% authentic and one has to provide input like personal details such as their contact number, email address, aadhar card, and so forth to become a verified member of

Is it possible to keep control of visitors on my account

The more visitors, the more likely they are to fall in love with you. However, if you want to control visitors in your profile, you can simply check out privacy details and allow only what you want.

Is it possible to hide my Phone number, photograph, etc.

Phone number is something which is very confidential so you can easily change the privacy setting to hide your phone number but we cannot hide photographs as it is a matrimonial site and the first impression is through photographs.

How can I make a subscription online payment

The subscription package of is hassle free; you can directly pay through online banking or offline banking according to your comfort.

What is a Basic Plan and customizable plan

The basic plan in wedingo benefits simple advantages such as profile visit and seeing the photography but the customizable plan can add more features to it such as calling, easy access to profile, and emails, messages and so on. But we encourage you to take full advantage of wedingo features for finding a true soul mate. It is on the wish of the individual which plan they wish to choose.

How can I get a respectable response

Giving time to your profile will ensure a respectable amount of response from the other person. Involve some time to grow your profile for desired visitors in your profile to meet your soul mate.

Is there a privacy setting for profile visibility

Yes, there are some restrictions on visiting someone’s profile without a subscription. Subscription will allow access visits profile with no hassle.

Can I change my plan in the middle of the subscription

Yes, you can add upgrade packs in your existing plan in the middle of the subscription. There is a simple procedure following with the payment, and then your new plan will be activate as soon as possible.

How can I contact the customer care team

Contacting the team is very easy; you can call us on +91-971 820 0107 or email us at For premium membership there is a 24/7 customer support facility.

How to express my interest towards a profile

When a profile really attracts you, we would simply like you to subscribe to the plan in which mode you want to communicate such as messages, emails or calling. If you are a premium member of Wedingo, you do not have to subscribe to any plan. Simply forward your interest to that person.