A wedding is a beautiful journey of two individuals and their families. It is an event that brings two souls together and binds them for life. Because you will be spending precious moments of your life with this person, they must be utterly unique, compassionate, and match your thoughts.

As a result, you should consider your time selecting whoever you want to spend the rest of your life with. You may consider some of the ideas made by your family or parents, but maintain an open mind because there are several advanced options and platforms available that can make your journey of search easy to find a bride/groom. Choosing on matrimonial sites is the most remarkable approach to a plethora of bride/groom alternatives. These websites provide biographies of men and women seeking a life partner.

Wedingo is aware and acknowledges that marriage is a complicated process that demands a significant investment to plan a successful wedding. As a result, they encourage you to save as much as practicable for the wedding and devote only a small amount to finding a groom or bride. Wedingo is an inexpensive and one of the best matchmaking services that are not only affordable but also includes dozens of new characteristics that make it one of the best matrimonial search platforms.



Wedingo’s vision is evident to become the finest matrimonial website. The main aim is to find the perfect match and bring people together from each corner of the country with a user-friendly website and Android powered app to help you match with your soul mate. The website is easy to use with no jargon. Thus, giving the bride and groom a rich experience of finding a perfect life partner. This matrimonial platform is not only budget friendly but also includes advanced features.

Why choose us?

Wedingo is an easy to use matrimony with an Android-powered app. Members can provide not his or her details like contact, email, etc., but can add their ID proof to make it a more genuine oriented finding.

You may pick your privacy by adjusting the parameters and controlling the sharing feature of your profile. Furthermore, all of the profiles have been verified, allowing practically little or no possibility for cheating. Wedingo comprises people representing diverse religions, classes, and ethnicities, so that you may find your best match. Our unique auto-match feature will help you to find a compatible match based on your choices and lifestyle.

Wedingo is building a service to bring all Wedding Planner under one roof, that will leverage to find the wedding-related requirements.



Wedingo has a unique way of selecting plans. Apart from fixed plans, the end-user can have a facility to create a customizable plan according to his or her need. You can create your own list by picking services available on wedingo at different price ranges. Some of the benefits include messages, emails, chats, phone calls, and so on. This feature helps you to make the plan more budget-friendly according to your requirements.